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Toys For Birds Disclaimer
Petalia Resident Vet
Birds are intelligent animals and need mental stimulation to prevent them from becoming bored, and developing behavioural problems. You can enrich your bird’s environment by providing it with some bird toys. They can also help to maintain healthy beaks and nails.

There is a wide range of colourful toys available to stimulate and amuse birds. Choose a toy that is appropriate for your bird’s size. Toys that are too small will not be very interesting for larger birds and may be easily broken, whereas large toys may frighten smaller birds and they will avoid them.

Rope toys   Top
Cotton rope toys come in various shapes and sizes, and are suitable for most birds. There are rope rings, perches, knotted ropes to climb up and rope ladders. Trim any unravelled ends of rope to prevent your bird from becoming entangled.

Wooden toys   Top
Wooden toys come in sizes to suit most birds, and are especially good for medium and larger birds that like to chew. Wooden ladders, linked rings with bells, swings and colourful wooden blocks that are strung on rope can provide much entertainment. Discard any toys that have been excessively chewed or worn.

Plastic toys   Top
Plastic toys are ideal for smaller birds. Large birds may easily break and swallow parts of plastic toys. Most plastic toys have metal bells and come in all shapes, sizes and colours. There are plastic ladders, swings, mirrors, balls, links, baths, treat hiding toys and even plastic bird buddies!

Rubber toys   Top
Hard rubber toys designed for birds, such as the Bird Kong, are very durable and provide jaw exercise, as well as countless hours of entertainment. There is a range of sizes from small (for cockatiels, conures and lovebirds) to extra large for cockatoos and macaws.

Only provide toys that are designed for birds, and are made from non-toxic materials and colourings. Toys do become soiled, so wash them regularly and replace any damaged or excessively chewed toys. Provide a range of toys for your bird, but not all at one time; rotate them frequently to keep your bird interested.

Petalia Resident Vet: Dr Julia Adams BVSc

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