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Behaviour and Training
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Cat Attacks - Play or Prey Behaviour?
The behaviour of cats is sometimes a wonder. Why would a peaceful, purring puss suddenly turn on its owner, biting, clawing and raking the very hand that pats it?
Manic Moggie Manipulators
To control the uncontrollable, to manage the unmanageable, to fight where all hope is hopeless - that's what training cats is all about!
Feline Frolics - No Bored Cats!
Do cats become bored? If your cat is a 'party animal' rather than a 'couch slouch', giving it things to do apart from ripping living human flesh from passing legs will be of immense benefit.
Marauding Moggies - When Cats Roam
Roaming cats cause community disharmony. They are at risk themselves from injury, both accidental and malicious, and from diseases that they can both catch and spread. They can also harm wildlife.
Feisty Felines
If you are living with a pair of brawling cats I'm sure you are living a nightmare. It's catastrophic! But there are solutions to the worrisome behaviour.
Grief Struck
Can dogs and cats grieve after the loss of a loved one?
Ten Steps to a Better Behaved Pet
Pets behaving badly are a family menace and the solutions are often frustratingly evasive. You need to know how to set humane and effective limits for wrongful behaviours and the ten hints below will show how to make your pet a better buddy.
Oh, Baby!
The birth of your first child is an unforgettable experience - for the family pet! What preparations will help your perplexed pet and what is the risk of your pet causing disease in, or injury to, your baby?
Introducing a New Kitten
Introducing a new kitten to a resident puss-cat or pooch is usually successful if the right steps are taken. Here's some valuable tips on how to integrate a new kitten into the family and survive to tell the story!
House-soiling Behaviour in Cats
Is your cat soiling its reputation? Is your fractious feline doing its 'ones and twos' around the house, and not in its litter tray? You will be happy to know that there are solutions to wee problems like this.

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