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Get Off My Garden Repellant Training Aids  >  General

Get Off My Garden Repellant
Get Off My Garden is a deterrent to help train dogs and cats in and around the home to avoid soiling in your garden. Before using, pick up any animal droppings and hose away any urine. Spray area with Get Off My Garden spray or place the gel in the required area. The highly perfumed organic compounds are offensive to dogs and cats, confuses their sense of smell and masks any residual odours of previous droppings or urine which would normally attract them. Available as a spray or a gel preparation. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Active: Methyl Nonyl Ketone 2.5g/kg
Mildly corrosive on bare metals. Should not stain skin, clothing, carpets, upholstery if washed immediately with water. If product gets in the eyes, was thoroughly with water until all traces removed. Should not cause injury or irritation but obtain medical advice if soreness occurs. If swallowed, no treatment is required, however, it is advisable to seek medical attention.

Get Off My Garden Gel 400g Get Off My Garden Gel 400g
Price: $16.90
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Get Off My Garden Spray 500ml Get Off My Garden Spray 500ml
Price: $23.25
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