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Paramectin Pour-On for Cattle External parasite control  >  Pour-On

Paramectin Pour-On for Cattle
Paramectin Pour-On for Cattle provides a broad spectrum of efficacy against sensitive strains of the following adult and immature internal and external parasites of cattle. Adult and immature gastrointestinal roundworms: barber's pole worm, small brown stomach worm (including inhibited L4 stage); stomach hair worm, intestinal hair worm, small intestinal worm, thin necked intestinal worm, nodule worm, large bowel worm, whipworm, intestinal threadworm. Also lungworms; sucking and biting lice; and aids in the control of cattle tick.
Composition: Abamectin 5 mg/mL.
Withholding Period: Meat: Cattle: 35 days. Milk: Nil.
Export Slaughter Interval: 42 days
Presentation: 1L, 5L liquid.
Dosage: 1 ml/10 kg bodyweight applied as a pour-on. Read all product literature carefully before use.

Paramectin Cattle Pour On 1 litre Paramectin Cattle Pour On 1 litre
Price: $153.40
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Paramectin Cattle Pour-On 5 litre Paramectin Cattle Pour-On 5 litre
Price: $554.85
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